THC® The Growing Benchmark Australia’s highest quality made and owned nutritional products and growing media available thanks to our teams continues research, development and testing. That’s why THC nutrients are The Growing Benchmark and a choice for top performance. THC® brand started with a passion for horticulture in the eighties and later in mid nineties progressed to growers choice by many, including professionals, hobbyist, commercial growers including Department of Agriculture. Family founders with years of experience together with Dutch and local Bio Chemist Co. developed a second to none plant nutritional formulas that are of highest quality, using only the purest minerals and organic compounds.

THC® additives have been carefully formulated to enhance the already superior formulation of our base mixes and to deliver an advantage to the grower. THC® unique base nutrients and additives are of extreme concentration that makes them very cost effective, in most cases double, up to 5 times the concentration your regular nutrient brand! (Always refer to simple and easy to follow uncomplicated dosing schedule for relevant growing media, plant type, liquid column and monitor water quality with relevant pH.) THC® liquids undergo quality control analysis and assurance with laboratory and field testing. Each batch being tested independently and supplied with its own unique certification number for quality control and consistency.

THC® nutrients are made in Australia under licence by Dutch Horticultural Company and available in 1, 5 and 20 Litres. Do Your Plants a Favour and Grow them in.... .......Australia’s Best.
THC® The Growing Benchmark.

Facts & Benefits

  • Australian made and owned
  • RHP Quality certification
  • Use of only the purest of minerals and organic compounds
  • independent quality laboratory and field testing/
  • extreme concentration = very cost effective
  • pioneering horticultural manufacturer
  • growers choice for top performance